Treatment of Cracked Tooth

Talking about tooth enamel, it is the hardest substance in the human body because it is heavily mineralized. It has to be this much stronger because it has to withstand great pressure which comes from biting. Scientific American published a study related to the strength of bite force. A special device, called gnathodynamometer, was used to measure the biting force of 1,000 people. The average biting force was found to be 171 lbs. 17 of the subjects had the biting force which was measured to be exceeding 275 lbs. in that device.

According to the study, jaw muscle is not the only tissue which generates this much strength. Pain in the teeth is another factor to talk about in this regard. Here, the scientists were able to know that teeth are the only weak link in the process of biting.

The reasons teeth get broken or cracked

Biting or chewing can make the teeth break or crack. These are the teeth which are worn or decayed. Moreover, the breakage can happen due to impact sports such as baseball, soccer and other sports that require running and dodging. Moreover, there is a common habit of opening soda bottles with the help of teeth.

The case of broken/cracked tooth can be quite obvious to anyone based on the level of breakage and the pain due to this condition.

Craze lines

One of the most harmless kinds of defect in dental structure is the craze line. It is actually a straight vertical line which runs through the tooth’s height. It appears as a crack but it is not actually a crack. However, it certainly makes the tooth look unattractive. The reasons for craze lines include normal biting and chewing as well as the unnatural use of teeth such as opening bottles, chewing pencils and nail biting. Even the temperature change can cause these craze lines to appear.

Since a craze line is not something to worry about, you may let it to remain there on your teeth. However, getting it checked by the dentist is quite important because you may not be able to know if it is the craze line you are look at or it is the real crack.

Teeth cracks

Cracked tooth is a serious condition which needs to be taken care of on immediate basis. A crack may not be visible and you may not be able to feel it through your tongue. The matter of fact is that it may turn out to be a tough task for your dentist to find crack in the tooth.

Here, you may be able to see the crack in some cases. However, the prominent sign of crack include pain in the tooth when you chew your foods or your tooth is exposed to hot or cold temperature. good news is that cracked tooth can be saved but you will have to make sure that you are getting it treated as soon as you know about it.